Monday, November 15, 2010

Street Style

We had to privilege to meet up with a friend, Diane. The first thing that caught our eye was her out of the box hair cut. Some people would look at her and would think "Oh she's doing a Cassie" but if you really look at her entire outfit you will notice that it's simply nothing more than Diane being her unique self. She was rocking the High top leather Boots from DSW, her pants cuffed at the bottom from GAP, her Urban Outfitters gray t-shirt slightly tucked into her pants, the jewelry complimented the outfit from Forever 21 and the rest of the look is pulled together by Vintage pieces. When we interviewed her about her outfit our first impression was who inspired your look? She answered back, "No one. My style is what I put together on my own, whatever I find in my closet I mix it up." The fact that she looked so FIERCE, you would expect her to spend a huge amount of money but she answered, "Not as much as you think because I tend to shop at thrift stores." 
You don't really have to spend a lot for fashion you just have to work it.

 What do you guys think about this look?
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Thank you Diane for being our first Post, your the best <3
Love Pam and Greg

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