Friday, May 20, 2011

2 Interview Ready Outfits for this Season

Spring is here and that means one thing, getting a new job. Going on a interview can be really nerve racking. Well it should be.  A great interview can lead to a great job which can lead to you running the world (girls!), but it all starts with the right interview wardrobe. Below, are 4 styles for guys and 4 for the dolls. You can and should add to your executive fashion portfolio. Everything found in TopShop, Forever 21, Topman and H&M. Affordable!! 

The Ladies: 

A Crop Shoulder Jacket- Women used to dress up in power suits to show off their equality to men. But the scales are a bit uneven, bring out those shoulder pads to show the boys you're as good , but better. 

A Pantsuit- No need to wear skirts to show off your legs, save those for the summer. Instead take a step back in the 70's and wear those heavy wide leg trousers. 

Ball-buster heels- There's nothing better than a 5 inch stiletto to kick through those glass doors.

A Bright Bag- Because you're not fooling anyone with that Dior knock-off and you don't need that square- bag for a resume. 


A tailored suit- Any guy can put on a suit. But if you're trying to run shit you need to make sure the suit fits the aspirations so take it to a tailor. 

A briefcase- If you ever see a guy wearing a suit and holding a backpack and think its okay, Slap them! No company would want a guy coming in with a backpack to work with them. 

A fresh pair of kicks- Wingtips will take your career sky high. In for the summer collect these bad boys will make your suit pop. 

Good luck, out there kids! And remember, if you’re going to go on an interview, make sure you go to WORK.

Chanel Iphone App

Chanel fan who owns an iPhone (or an iPad for that matter) should be without the Chanel iPhone App, which gives you a peek into the world of the brand. From Chanel News (their in-house blog/newsletter with updates and many behind-the-scenes exclusives) to viewing the latest runway show in the comfort of your own room, it is an app that’s not only informative, but functional as well.

Right now you can view the Cruise 2012 Womens Chanel runway show on the app, along with all the looks from the collection. There is even a store locator function, which points you to the nearest Chanel boutique from wherever you are. 

Have you got your "Prada Creepers" yet?

Okay I know the first thing that comes to your mind is "Expensive" they really are not. The version which you can buy, available in a range of different colored leathers, is not the same as the runway version: the soles are much thinner, and as a result the lines and proportions don't work as well. They lack that certain something that the runway ones possess. It annoys me when things which are shown on the runway (and shot in all the magazine editorials) are not produced for sale, or are only made in watered-down versions.
The runway version of these shoes is SO GOOD. After Raf's SS08 footwear, they are my favorite shoes ever.. the perfect balance between minimal clean lines and madness. In NYC saw at least 5 people wearing them. It became clear that everyone else on Earth wanted a pair for themselves too. Though initially criticized for being an eyesore, they were featured in magazines, newspapers and blogs across the world. I know Im going to grab a pair. 

Thursday, May 12, 2011

ESCAPE FROM THE ASLYUM-LIM College 2011 Fashion Show

As you entered the show you felt the excitement  of the people waiting for the show to start. As the lights dimed and the music started blasting. A little performance started off the show and right away you saw the similarities to Alexander McQueen show. The make-up was out of this world and the clothes were to die for. If you notice with the pictures a lot of the clothes used for the show are examples of the clothes that will be in for the summer. Not only with the lace and the denim but also with the studded belts and leather. The models worked the runway with their big hair and Makeup by Angelica Marrero.  The show sucked you in from start to finish with the upbeat music and the amazing clothes. It is safe to say that Alexander McQueen was and is still proud. 

Not only was the show such an enjoyment but it also was also a charity event for St.Judes Children Hospital. I was lucky enough to be part of a raffle and won an amazing gift bag from as you can see from the picture below I am second from the left. The beautiful girl in the middle is a close friend Fantasia Hunt who was also the director of this fabulous show.  It was truly a night to remember.