Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall into Winter with Boots

Men's Wear:

A fall piece that no one can ever get enough of is Boots. For Men its one of the main items in a outfit. If you walk down any street or even school campus you will notice that boots aren't only for the fall anymore. They have started to move into every season apparel also, as long as it's stylish. Creating a look that can either pull off as edgy, stylish, or just I don't give a fuck. Boots are even being rocked in fashion shows with the most inspiring designers such as Louis Vuittons (Fall/Winter)who uses the boots to fit his suit selection , to the crazy John Galliano (Fall/Winter)to fit his crazy/grungy look, to Givenchy (Fall/Winter) to fit his plain color sequence and his suit selection . You can rock boots with any look, guys can pull it off better I feel.
To rock out with your own hot pair of boots, why not check out the sites we are loving at the moment that are really stepping up the notch in affordable fashion:  Urban Outfitters, Spring, Topman and Aldo .


Women's Wear:

Boots have always been a part of a girl’s closet when the leaves start changing. At least for me owning about 10 pairs every Fall has become something that isn’t out of the ordinary. Yet something new has come into effect this year, it seems that boots have started to peak into our winter closet. Boots are a staple item that everyone should have in their closet because it can make an outfit fierce. If you need to look into how to wear boots you can grab ideas from some of the big names in design like Chanel Fall 2010 line where boots were added to feminine dress. Also Alexander Wang added boots to his Spring 2011 collection which gave his print leggings that extra little touch of edge. You can pair boots with a dress, jeans and even some cute print leggings as long as you can make it your very own that’s all that matters. Remember it’s not about making others happy with what you wear it’s all about how you feel when you strut down the street with your Boots.


  1. commenting on the "new motha fuckin post" lol. I love love love the 1st pair of ladies boots. I need to know where to buy them, and please tell me they aren't tres expensive.

  2. Those where def a pair of my favorites ones. They are nothing other then Steve Madden.

    the price is a bit to much I would say, so I found some look a likes for WAY less from Forever 21-

    Enjoy <3 :)

  3. Could someone please tell me the brand and model for the first boots in the guys section....these :

    Thank you for any future help.

  4. I'd really like to know where I can get the first pair of boots on the top of this blog, the black ones with the zipper on the side for men. Does anyone know if any (web)shops still sell them ?