Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frumpy to Fierce

A close friend/ upcoming model Karissa Rodriguez stopped by our school for a mini makeover. We capture her appearance of what she looked like when she showed up. As you can tell she is very tall and we wanted to show off her legs so we styled her to accentuate her amazing height.

When she first walked in Karissa was rocking her own particular  style. She was rocking a vintage flannel shirt with her favorite Ninja Turtle t-shirt from Hot Topic. Her dark wash jeans from Forever 21 gave the look the grunge feel but the final addition to her outfit were her grey converses.  

We decided to give Karissa a whole new look to show her exceptional features, which include her long beautiful hair and her amazing legs. Pulling pieces straight from our closet we dressed her in a off the shoulder cream lace shirt which was tucked into a cheetah print skirt and to pull the whole look together we added a splash of color with a red blazer. We took a page out of Lauren Conrad's look book and curled Karissa's hair with a couple of added braids for texture. She did her own make up which we thought pulled the whole look together. 

Let us know what you think about Karissa's new look?


  1. Love the red blazer! You guys should post a "how-to" or a link on how to do the hair like you mentioned, so that viewers can copy.


  2. Beautiful styling. Love the blazer.

  3. I love the look ... It make you want to go in your closet and shop for new style. Thanks