Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Touch of Sparkles and a Hint of Romance

Georgina Chapman. Who is this you might ask, what does she even do? Wait wasn't she in that one episode of Gossip Girl? A true fashion fanatic would know that this is none other then the creator of my favorite collection Marchesa. The famous brand which has been worn by many celebrates from Sandra Bullock to Taylor Swift has become a popular choice for red carpet events. Why you may ask is this designer one of my favorites? Well just look at the beautiful hand crafted couture gowns shown below. Every time I see someone wear one of the many incredible pieces that have been designed by Ms.Chapman:  a deep loving sigh. Her clothes take me back to a time where a woman would walk into a room and cause a stir, everyone just stops what they are doing and stares in awe of this beautiful woman in that incredible gown. If you look at some of my favorite pieces from past and present collection you notice what I'm talking about. Ms.Chapman has truly come into our lives for a reason. What reason is that you might ask, to bring us that touch of sparkle and that hint of romance that this world has been missing.

Fall 2011
Fall 2011
Fall 2011
Resort 2011

Resort 2011

Resort 2011

Resort 2011

Resort 2012

Resort 2012

Resort 2012

Resort 2012

Resort 2012

Resort 2012

*thanks to Style for the pictures.

Mens Edition Spring/Summer Collection

Men's Collection: Runway Versace Uomo S/S 2012

What can I say about Donatella Versace..... The bitch is a Genius! This collection made me fall in love with her crazy ass. Donatella hit the nail with this collection, she finally set the puzzle of Gianni’s legacy but it was also expected and exciting to see how she managed and delivered such a great collection for Versace Uomo s/s 2012. First out was the gray suit that you could tell it was double-breasted and loose to fit just right. Handkerchiefs in pockets, shirt sleeves peeking out from under cuffs, tie pins, everything facilitated and opportunity for colour precision to catch the eye. Some might see the bright colour of this collection but look again as there are plenty to offer the man who's going for the latte and off-white trend next summer. Reminiscent details like; the wider printed ties, deep v-neck lines, rolled up sleeves and long silhouettes of the blazers, transported us to when Gianni introduce us to those sartorial rules, which became a huge famous statement between the young. But there was also some flashbacks, like the gladiator sandals with the studded Medusa-Versace logo in gold; which was last seen on Gianni feet walking around Miami. Gianni Versace was a huge inspiration to us, he introduced us to many things no matter how old they are, they will always be timeless statements in the world of fashion. Donatella will continue doing her thing and making the label with her brothers outlook Amazing! 


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Bit of Summer Staples _ Women Edtion

So all because we have less then a month left of summer doesnt mean we have to start pulling out those sweaters and scarves just yet. There is still time to rock out with those gorgeous maxi dresses and hot rompers. Here are some of my favorites from runway to sidewalk.
Chloe Fall 2011

Dior Fall 2011
Even though these maxi style dresses are a little out of a regular every day fashionista's price range, there is always a way to substitute certin looks for a more affordable price range. If you go to your every day store like Forever 21 for example you can find a gorgeous maxi dress that has a similar look to the Chloe dress pictured above that is to die for. Also a good thing about having a maxi dress in your closet is that no matter where you're going you can always change the look with the accessories, so you can easily go from day to night with some heels and a great clutch.
Erin Fetherston - Fall 2011

Marc Jacobs - Resort 2012
Pucci- Resort 2012
Now these three outfits are perfect for either a girl's day out in the city or even a date with the special someone. Erin Fetherston has it just right for not only the last month of summer but also for the upcoming  fall weather. All her pieces that you see here are beyond perfect for a great day out with the girl but when those leaves start changing the staple pieces like the jacket can still be used. Now Marc Jacobs is never left behind this dress just screams a stroll through central park. The shoes which we have seen a lot of this season are the cutest pair of oxfords and the studded bag is something that can be taken right into the fall. And last but not least my favorite outfit , Pucci from the 2012 Resort Collection has me begging for more because of the simplicity. Like I said before these looks are a little expensive but in the end of the day you can always find pieces in your favorite stores. And the best thing about them is that you can take some of these pieces and change them up for the fall. Because remember the best kind of fashionista is the one that knows just how to take her summer look right into fall. 

*special thanks to Jomairy Vasquez&Shamyl Hernandez for their amazing input
 and Style for the amazing pictures. 

Last Bit of Summer (Men)

The end of summer is just around the corner, but that doesn't mean you still can't work it in shorts and sandals. Here are some outfits I put together for the Last bit of summer. Hope you like it.

I absolutely LOVE this outfit! The White Deep V long sleeve just screams out "Summer!". You can wear it to go out in the town or for a casual day in your home town. The Designer is Salvatore Ferragamo, and this was in his 2009 Spring/Summer Collection. On Sale Now! The Jeans are from TopMan, "The Stone Ripped Carrot Joggers". I picked these out because they are very comfortable. Also on a hot summer day you can pull the pants up and wear them as shorts. The sandals are to DIE for and affordable!! They are called "Barryman" sandals from Aldo shoes. They are not only comfortable, but they don't give you blisters and are seasonal.

I could definitely see this outfit in a Robert Cavailli Fashion Show! The Casual Pants are from his 2011 Spring/Summer collection that I fell in love with. I love the seques of it and the material is 100% silk so on a Hot summer day you won't sweat. The sandals are again from Aldo and very affordable. 

Both of these outfits I think would be a perfect way to end Summer with a BANG! With the hot sun blazing on you I know its tough to wear clothing but you have to pick out the right outfits. Quote of the day, "Whether its one hundred degree's outside or zero degrees you always have to look Fierce."
Hope you all have a Amazing Summer. 
Stay Cool  

Most Wanted: Heutchy

I was introduced to Heutchy by one of my model friends. He told me the shoe wear is sick and the new bags of the collection are to die for. So I went and looked them up and saw that they are a huge hit. This short film shows a young man riding his bicycle through abandoned city streets, imagery that aims to reflect the modern influences of Heutchy’s new collection. The label is known for its stylish footwear, and aims to bridge the gap between casual and formal footwear for men. The shoes and bags are made from high quality materials and in the collection they show prints that are based on basket weaving patterns of the African Zulu Tride. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

2 Interview Ready Outfits for this Season

Spring is here and that means one thing, getting a new job. Going on a interview can be really nerve racking. Well it should be.  A great interview can lead to a great job which can lead to you running the world (girls!), but it all starts with the right interview wardrobe. Below, are 4 styles for guys and 4 for the dolls. You can and should add to your executive fashion portfolio. Everything found in TopShop, Forever 21, Topman and H&M. Affordable!! 

The Ladies: 

A Crop Shoulder Jacket- Women used to dress up in power suits to show off their equality to men. But the scales are a bit uneven, bring out those shoulder pads to show the boys you're as good , but better. 

A Pantsuit- No need to wear skirts to show off your legs, save those for the summer. Instead take a step back in the 70's and wear those heavy wide leg trousers. 

Ball-buster heels- There's nothing better than a 5 inch stiletto to kick through those glass doors.

A Bright Bag- Because you're not fooling anyone with that Dior knock-off and you don't need that square- bag for a resume. 


A tailored suit- Any guy can put on a suit. But if you're trying to run shit you need to make sure the suit fits the aspirations so take it to a tailor. 

A briefcase- If you ever see a guy wearing a suit and holding a backpack and think its okay, Slap them! No company would want a guy coming in with a backpack to work with them. 

A fresh pair of kicks- Wingtips will take your career sky high. In for the summer collect these bad boys will make your suit pop. 

Good luck, out there kids! And remember, if you’re going to go on an interview, make sure you go to WORK.

Chanel Iphone App

Chanel fan who owns an iPhone (or an iPad for that matter) should be without the Chanel iPhone App, which gives you a peek into the world of the brand. From Chanel News (their in-house blog/newsletter with updates and many behind-the-scenes exclusives) to viewing the latest runway show in the comfort of your own room, it is an app that’s not only informative, but functional as well.

Right now you can view the Cruise 2012 Womens Chanel runway show on the app, along with all the looks from the collection. There is even a store locator function, which points you to the nearest Chanel boutique from wherever you are.