Thursday, December 2, 2010

Street Style

A day in the city quickly turned     into a runway show when we came across two foreign men hanging out in Times Square. They automatically grasped our attention when we caught them snapping pictures of each other. We immediately decided to jump on the opportunity to feature them on the blog. The guy in the brown over coat and the light wash ripped jeans gave us the John Lennon vibe around the 1970s, while the other guy with his leather jacket and stripped sweater gave us the vibe of Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. They were two of the most stylish guys we seen throughout the day. After snapping the picture of the guys, we ran into this gorgeous girl in head-to-toe black with killer boots. Like we posted in the beginning, boots are in style this year and people are recognizing it. We noticed while we were there that boots had a new accessory: leg warmers. Girls were rocking them(seen in the picture) and boys were rocking them as well. Just remember, it doesn’t matter how you wear something as long as it feels comfortable on your body. With these tips you will be more than fine in your stylish outfit :) 

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Frumpy to Fierce

A close friend/ upcoming model Karissa Rodriguez stopped by our school for a mini makeover. We capture her appearance of what she looked like when she showed up. As you can tell she is very tall and we wanted to show off her legs so we styled her to accentuate her amazing height.

When she first walked in Karissa was rocking her own particular  style. She was rocking a vintage flannel shirt with her favorite Ninja Turtle t-shirt from Hot Topic. Her dark wash jeans from Forever 21 gave the look the grunge feel but the final addition to her outfit were her grey converses.  

We decided to give Karissa a whole new look to show her exceptional features, which include her long beautiful hair and her amazing legs. Pulling pieces straight from our closet we dressed her in a off the shoulder cream lace shirt which was tucked into a cheetah print skirt and to pull the whole look together we added a splash of color with a red blazer. We took a page out of Lauren Conrad's look book and curled Karissa's hair with a couple of added braids for texture. She did her own make up which we thought pulled the whole look together. 

Let us know what you think about Karissa's new look?

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fall into Winter with Boots

Men's Wear:

A fall piece that no one can ever get enough of is Boots. For Men its one of the main items in a outfit. If you walk down any street or even school campus you will notice that boots aren't only for the fall anymore. They have started to move into every season apparel also, as long as it's stylish. Creating a look that can either pull off as edgy, stylish, or just I don't give a fuck. Boots are even being rocked in fashion shows with the most inspiring designers such as Louis Vuittons (Fall/Winter)who uses the boots to fit his suit selection , to the crazy John Galliano (Fall/Winter)to fit his crazy/grungy look, to Givenchy (Fall/Winter) to fit his plain color sequence and his suit selection . You can rock boots with any look, guys can pull it off better I feel.
To rock out with your own hot pair of boots, why not check out the sites we are loving at the moment that are really stepping up the notch in affordable fashion:  Urban Outfitters, Spring, Topman and Aldo .


Women's Wear:

Boots have always been a part of a girl’s closet when the leaves start changing. At least for me owning about 10 pairs every Fall has become something that isn’t out of the ordinary. Yet something new has come into effect this year, it seems that boots have started to peak into our winter closet. Boots are a staple item that everyone should have in their closet because it can make an outfit fierce. If you need to look into how to wear boots you can grab ideas from some of the big names in design like Chanel Fall 2010 line where boots were added to feminine dress. Also Alexander Wang added boots to his Spring 2011 collection which gave his print leggings that extra little touch of edge. You can pair boots with a dress, jeans and even some cute print leggings as long as you can make it your very own that’s all that matters. Remember it’s not about making others happy with what you wear it’s all about how you feel when you strut down the street with your Boots.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Street Style

We had to privilege to meet up with a friend, Diane. The first thing that caught our eye was her out of the box hair cut. Some people would look at her and would think "Oh she's doing a Cassie" but if you really look at her entire outfit you will notice that it's simply nothing more than Diane being her unique self. She was rocking the High top leather Boots from DSW, her pants cuffed at the bottom from GAP, her Urban Outfitters gray t-shirt slightly tucked into her pants, the jewelry complimented the outfit from Forever 21 and the rest of the look is pulled together by Vintage pieces. When we interviewed her about her outfit our first impression was who inspired your look? She answered back, "No one. My style is what I put together on my own, whatever I find in my closet I mix it up." The fact that she looked so FIERCE, you would expect her to spend a huge amount of money but she answered, "Not as much as you think because I tend to shop at thrift stores." 
You don't really have to spend a lot for fashion you just have to work it.

 What do you guys think about this look?
Comment and Let us know 

Thank you Diane for being our first Post, your the best <3
Love Pam and Greg

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Beginning of Our Adventure !

You may come across this blog and say another fashion site but that’s not what we want you to think. We started this because we wanted it to be different. Knowing that there are a bunch of blogs out there that we have to compete with doesn’t worry us because we bring a different aspect to this industry. We want to show you that being a fashionita doesn’t mean you have to spend Marc Jacobs and Alexander McQueen money, all that matters is that you’re comfortable in what you wear. So walk down the street or your school hallway like your strutting your stuff on the runway because that’s what this life is all about….Being proud of who you are and working it!