Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last Bit of Summer Staples _ Women Edtion

So all because we have less then a month left of summer doesnt mean we have to start pulling out those sweaters and scarves just yet. There is still time to rock out with those gorgeous maxi dresses and hot rompers. Here are some of my favorites from runway to sidewalk.
Chloe Fall 2011

Dior Fall 2011
Even though these maxi style dresses are a little out of a regular every day fashionista's price range, there is always a way to substitute certin looks for a more affordable price range. If you go to your every day store like Forever 21 for example you can find a gorgeous maxi dress that has a similar look to the Chloe dress pictured above that is to die for. Also a good thing about having a maxi dress in your closet is that no matter where you're going you can always change the look with the accessories, so you can easily go from day to night with some heels and a great clutch.
Erin Fetherston - Fall 2011

Marc Jacobs - Resort 2012
Pucci- Resort 2012
Now these three outfits are perfect for either a girl's day out in the city or even a date with the special someone. Erin Fetherston has it just right for not only the last month of summer but also for the upcoming  fall weather. All her pieces that you see here are beyond perfect for a great day out with the girl but when those leaves start changing the staple pieces like the jacket can still be used. Now Marc Jacobs is never left behind this dress just screams a stroll through central park. The shoes which we have seen a lot of this season are the cutest pair of oxfords and the studded bag is something that can be taken right into the fall. And last but not least my favorite outfit , Pucci from the 2012 Resort Collection has me begging for more because of the simplicity. Like I said before these looks are a little expensive but in the end of the day you can always find pieces in your favorite stores. And the best thing about them is that you can take some of these pieces and change them up for the fall. Because remember the best kind of fashionista is the one that knows just how to take her summer look right into fall. 

*special thanks to Jomairy Vasquez&Shamyl Hernandez for their amazing input
 and Style for the amazing pictures. 

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