Sunday, January 9, 2011

Male Model Apartments

 Here is what some Model Apartments look like...

This is what you see once you enter the apartment. You have a closet straight ahead that can fit a bed.  The second picture is the one room that my room mate and myself sleep. The bed's are hard as a brick but you get a beautiful view from the porch. And also a huge closet for clothes! Third picture is the bathroom, its long but small. To take a shower you are legit pressed up on the wall and can barley maneuver. And the hot water runs out in about 5 minutes. The next 2 pictures is the other room with another bed that connects to the kitchen/dinning room. This is where we hangout after castings, where we eat, drink, go on the computer (as you can see my room mate) and relax. And the last picture is the kitchen that is the size of a small closet. You can barely fit two people in it which is pretty small! Well I hope you like the inside look at the model apartments in Milan.
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