Sunday, January 9, 2011

Fashion Capital of the World

I had the biggest opportunity to go to Milan Italy for two months to model, so I took it!  When I first arrived the weather was a bit dreary and it made you want to stay inside and sleep but that didn't stop me and my room mate from going site seeing.  We went to the Duomo (picture on top) a very old museum (picture in middle) and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (bottom picture). It seriously takes your breath away on how old it is.  Milan's currency is different than United States, for the 200 American dollars that you transfer to euro's you only get 140 euro's!! BULL! 

Getting around Milan is so much easier than NYC, you have 3 different subways which you go by the color (red, yellow, and green) and it shows you the stops on a map which is pretty simple. The people here for some part are really nice. They can pick out a American like that! But you also have to watch out for the sketchy one's who ask for money profusely. Besides that the shopping here is HUGE, the lady's here never dress down, they are always dressed fierce! The guys.... some dress fierce.  Milan, Italy is the place to come on vacation (when the weather's nice) it is such a beautiful place, if I had the money I would so live here!  

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  1. OH your so lucky.. the pics are great! Good luck in Milan